Online – Week One

Welcome back to school – online! We’re starting a new unit in McGraw Hill today. Go ahead and log into McGraw-Hill and complete the assignments in the order listed below. Items from “Lesson: Human Population Growth” are due by the end of Friday.

  1. Lesson: Human Population Growth
    1. Science Probe: Population Fluctuation

    2. Encounter the Phenomenon: Human Population Growth

    3. Investigation: Here We Grow Again

    4. Read About: How fast is the population growing?

    5. Investigation: Comparing Ages

    6. Investigation: Increasing and Decreasing Populations

    7. Read About: Is human population growth equal around the world?

    8. Investigation: Population Simulation

    9. Investigation: Resource Consumption

    10. Read About: How does human population growth affect natural resources?

    11. STEM Career Connection: A Day in the Life of a Demographer

    12. Interactive: On the Road

Welcome to online education

As we enter a new era due to COVID-19, we will be conducting classes online. Classes will be conducted asynchronously – that means I’ll post assignments daily, and you will be responsible for completing those assignments. 

If you do not have a laptop and internet access, please contact me or the school front office. We have laptops available for loan. Every student in CVUSD needs a laptop – so if you currently share with a sibling, contact us so we can ensure everyone has laptop availability.

Your first online assignment will be posted Wednesday morning. 

Artificial Selection Research Links

National Geographic: Artificial Selection 

Types of Artificial Selection


Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year!

I hope you are as excited to learn about science as I am to teach it to you. 

8th-grade science covers the following topics:

  • Forces & Interactions
  • Energy
  • Waves & Electromagnetic Radiation
  • Human Impacts
  • Growth, Development, and Reproduction of Organisms
  • Space Systems
  • History of the Earth
  • Family Health

Supplies Needed:

  • Composition Notebook
    • At least 80 pages
  • Pen or pencil

Want to help out?

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HW #1

Homework #1 for the 2018/2019 is here. Make sure you get your syllabus signed by your parent/guardian.

Forgot your syllabus at school? Download a copy from the link below and print it at home!