2018/2019 Classroom Needs

Want to help out? Here is a list of items that Mr. Roberts could really use for his 8th grade science classroom. Links to suggested purchases are provided where possible.

What does 8th grade science include?

What does an 8th grader learn about in science in California? Here are the highlights:

  • Genetics
    • How can changes in genes affect organisms?
    • How do humans influence traits in organisms?
  • Our fossil records
    • Compare ancient and modern skeletons for changes
    • How does natural selection work?
  • Astronomy
    • Patterns of lunar phases, eclipses, and seasons
    • The role of gravity in solar systems
    • Determining the size of objects in space
  • History of Earth
    • Investigate rock strata to see how scientists organize Earth’s 4.6 billion-year-old history.
  • Physics
    • Newton’s Laws
    • Magnetism
    • Gravity
    • Kinetic Energy
    • Potential Energy
  • Human Impact
    • How do increases in population and per-capita consumption affect Earth?
  • Engineering Design
    • Design and test a solution to an engineering challenge