TronXY X5SA Mk3a heatbed fixed!

On my new TronXY X5SA I had been having problems using the whole print surface. If I printing 4 widgets in the center of the bed, they printed great! But try to print 20 widgets spread out over the bed and the results look like a birds nest. 

Last week, I was starting a print and I happened to touch the underside of the printbed. The left side of the printbed was not getting warm! Did I have a defective printbed? Let’s check the wiring.

I have a 12V power supply which means pins 1,2 & 3 need to be connected. But only pins 1 & 2 were wired up! Here’s the fix.

Soldering onto an aluminum pcb is wicked hard. It took two soldering irons totaling 160 watts of power to do this. But now the heatbed warms up on both sides!

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    1. Good question. Both heatbed wires are red and polarity doesn’t matter. Why? A heatbed is just a big resistor, and resistors don’t care about polarity.

    1. I completely recommend this printer if you’re comfortable with electronics and assembling things. I purchased mine directly from TRonXY on Alibaba.

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