Social Distancing Science for Friday, May 15th

Welcome to science on Friday. Let’s log into McGraw Hill and finish up our lesson on the universe.

  1. Investigation: Digging Deeper
  2. Close Reading: The Incredible Shrinking Mercury is Active After All
  3. Investigation: Moons of the Outer Planets
  4. Read About: What are the other objects in the solar system?
  5. Lesson Review: The Solar System
  6. LearnSmart: Exploring the Universe

Social Distancing Science for Monday, May 11th

Lets’ get started with McGraw Hill on another beautiful Monday!

  1. Science Probe: Objects in Our Solar System
  2. Encounter the Phenomenon: The Solar System
  3. Read About: What objects make up the solar system?
  4. Investigation: Compare the View
  5. Read About: How do astronomers observe the solar system?

Social Distancing Science for Wednesday, May 6th

Let’s learn more about how planets are formed today. Log into McGraw Hill and let’s get started!

  1. Read About: What is gravity’s role in the formation of stars?
  2. LAB: Changing Shape
  3. Read About: What is the role of gravity in the formation of the solar system?
  4. 3D Thinking B: What is the role of gravity…
  5. LAB: Elliptical Orbits
  6. Read About: How does gravity affect objects that orbit the Sun?

Social Distancing Science for Monday, April 4th

Let’s learn about the galaxy. Open McGraw Hill and follow along with the video.

  1. Encounter the Phenomenon: Exploring the Universe
  2. Module Pretest: Exploring the Universe
  3. Science Probe: Gravity in Space?
  4. Encounter the Phenomenon: Gravity and the Universe
  5. Investigation: Falling Apples
  6. Read About: What is gravity?
  7. 3D Thinking: What is gravity?

Social Distancing Science for Friday, May 1st

Let’s log-into McGraw Hill and get some work done;-}
1) Investigation: Eclipse Essentials
2) Read About: Why aren’t there eclipses every month?
3) 3D Thinking: Why aren’t there eclipses every month?
4) Lesson Review: Eclipses
5) LearnSmart: The Sun-Earth-Moon System

Social Distancing Science, Wednesday April 22nd

Log-in to McGraw Hill Science and get ready for some learning! We’re starting a new lesson on Lunar phases! We’ll be completing the following assignments today:
1) Science Probe: Phases of the Moon
2) Encounter the Phenomenon: Lunar Phases
3) Investigation: Foil Moon
4) Read About: How are we able to see the Moon?

The video lesson is available at: