Social Distancing Science, Tuesday April 21st

Get ready for fun and excitement as we finish off our lesson on Earth’s Motion around the sun. Log into McGraw Hill and follow along. We’ll be completing the following assignments today:

  1. A Closer Look: Polar Night & Midnight Sun
  2. Lesson Review: Earth’s Motion Around the Sun

Social Distancing Science, Friday, April 10th, 2020

Thanks for joining us for a little Social Distancing Science. Go ahead and use the google waffle to log into McGraw Hill. We’ll be completing the following 5 assignments today. Follow along!

  1. Read About: Why do Earth’s seasons change as Earth orbits the sun?
  2. 3D Thinking: Why do Earth’s seasons change as Earth orbits the Sun?
  3. Read About: What is Earth’s seasonal cycle?
  4. Close Reading: Meteorological Versus Astronomical Seasons
  5. 3D Thinking: What is Earth’s seasonal cycle?

Social Distancing Science, Wednesday April 8th

Welcome to Social Distancing Science. We’re going to complete 5 McGraw-Hill assignments today. Log into McGraw Hill through the google waffle and let’s get started.

  1. Investigation: Star Gazing
  2. Read About: Why does the view of the sky change over time?
  3. Investigation: Ahead of the Curve
  4. Read About: Why is Earth warmer at the equator and colder at the poles?
  5. 3D Thinking: Why is Earth warmer at the equator and colder at the poles?


Monday, April 6th 2020

Follow along with us as we complete three assignments in McGraw-Hill. Make sure you log-into McGraw-Hill using the waffle before starting!

1) Encounter the Phenomenon: Earth’s Motion Around the Sun
2) Investigation: Night and Day
3) Read About: How does Earth Move?

Friday, April 3rd, 2020

We’re going to go through three assignments in McGraw Hill today. Log into McGraw Hill and follow along. We’ll be looking at:

  1. Encounter the Phenomenon: The Sun-Earth-Moon System
  2. Module Pretest: The Sun-Earth-Moon System
  3. Science Probe: Seasons


Welcome to week 2

Students and Parents,

Welcome to week two. I hope to have a video tutorial for this week’s lesson available Tuesday. The assignments for Week 2 are posted to

If you didn’t finish the week 1 assignments, I’ve re-opened them through Thursday. Take advantage of this to get your work done.

In addition, some grades are starting to move from McGrawHill to Aeries. Parents – is your child missing the last two assignments in Aeries? Then they did not finish the materials from Week one! Please encourage them to spend some time with the science curriculum each day. I’m only asking 30 minutes a day, less than half of what would be expected during normal circumstances.

Stay safe, get exercise, and do school work.

Mr Roberts
8th grade Science
Canyon Middle School

Online Week 2 – 3/23/2020 – 3/27/2020

Here’s the assignment list for this week. Make sure you do them in the order listed!

# Name Estimated Completion Time in Minutes Notes

Science Probe: Natural Resources


Encounter the Phenomenon: People and the Environment


Investigation: Falling Forests


Read About: Why cut down trees?


Investigation: Arc of Deforestation


Read About: How does deforestation impact Earth’s systems?


Engineering Investigation: Engineering Solutions


Read About: What can be done? Call to Action


Investigation: What’s your footprint?


Use quiz here to calculate your ecological footprint


Read About: What can be done? Sustainable Resource Use


California Environmental Connection: Fishy Management

3 Read article. Ignore “It’s your turn” at the end.

Lesson Review: People and the Environment





127 Minutes


2:07 Hours


Online – Week One

Welcome back to school – online! We’re starting a new unit in McGraw Hill today. Go ahead and log into McGraw-Hill and complete the assignments in the order listed below. Items from “Lesson: Human Population Growth” are due by the end of Friday.

  1. Lesson: Human Population Growth
    1. Science Probe: Population Fluctuation

    2. Encounter the Phenomenon: Human Population Growth

    3. Investigation: Here We Grow Again

    4. Read About: How fast is the population growing?

    5. Investigation: Comparing Ages

    6. Investigation: Increasing and Decreasing Populations

    7. Read About: Is human population growth equal around the world?

    8. Investigation: Population Simulation

    9. Investigation: Resource Consumption

    10. Read About: How does human population growth affect natural resources?

    11. STEM Career Connection: A Day in the Life of a Demographer

    12. Interactive: On the Road

Welcome to online education

As we enter a new era due to COVID-19, we will be conducting classes online. Classes will be conducted asynchronously – that means I’ll post assignments daily, and you will be responsible for completing those assignments. 

If you do not have a laptop and internet access, please contact me or the school front office. We have laptops available for loan. Every student in CVUSD needs a laptop – so if you currently share with a sibling, contact us so we can ensure everyone has laptop availability.

Your first online assignment will be posted Wednesday morning.