TronXY X5SA firmware

Update: Still waiting on replacement firmware from TronXY.

TLDR; I messed with the firmware and lost the Z-adjust button on the machine. But I figured out how to manually adjust Z.

Blame me for my upgrading.

The TronXY X5SA uses a F-Mini control board from On the cbd-3d website they offer a data download link. That link gets you a windows program that provides details on the various items they make, including firmware updates. Unfortunately, it does not tell you what firmware version is being offered.

I put the firmware update on my micro-SD card and turned the printer on. It made a few beeps which seemed to indicate a firmware upgrade in progress. It rebooted and I made a successful print.

Unfortunately, every print after that has failed because I cannot change the z-offset anymore.

Before the upgrade, v1.4.0RC13m4:

After the upgrade, v1.4.1RC2m4:


On the plus side, this new version has a working wifi menu.

On the bad side, pressing the “Z-Offset” button gets me this screen…

With no way to access the z-offset, it’s pretty hard to fine tune the base layer.

*sad MrRobertsScience*

I’ve contacted for assistance. I’m hesitant to contact TronXY – they haven’t responded to any of my recent emails.

Update 2/25/2018: I spent some time hooked up to the printer through TTL/USB  converter and repetier-host. I tried a lot of different g-code commands. Based on the commands that worked and those that didn’t, I’m fairly certain this is not a rip-off of marlin, smoothie ware, or reprapfirmware (what Duet uses).

I left the printer running … the first half of the print looks amazing- we’ll see if it finishes properly.

Update #2 2/25/2018: Heard back from – “The firmware of TronXY is customized, not a generic firmware. If you need to update, you can contact TronXY company and they will handle it.”

Update #3 3/17/2018: Here’s my G-code for changing the Z-offset.

M8084 Z1.5  ; Set Z-Offset to 1.5mm
M8500 ;  Save settings.
G0 Z10; Lower Z axis to prevent crashing during homing.
G28 ; Home Axis
G0 Z0 ; Check for paper tightness

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  1. Dude, looking at that my brain must have been in a different place, p/oed I guess seeing your problems and knowing I have one on the way. Anyway, let us know if there are any updates. THANKS!

  2. Hello

    I have yesterday me first 3D Printer to get.
    Tronxy X5SA from china.

    Nice Machine. But i cant leveling the Heatbed.
    Autoleveling is running – but I come with the Heizbet not closer to the nozzle than about 2 mm.
    Me main problem: I am totally inexperienced in 3D printing.
    And the X5SA has only one SD card (no USB, no WLAN)
    unfortunately there is no manual.

    Since the X5SA is quite new, you will not find much on the internet

    1. Here’s the best way I can figure to set the z-offset.

      1. Preheat the printer. Go to “Tools”, “Preheat” and click on the heatbed and extruder 1. Wait for both to come up to temperature (60C/200C)
      2. Home the printer. Go to “Tools”, “Manual” and click on the home icon in the center of the screen. Wait for the printer to home.
      3. Stay in the manual screen. Click on the “1mm” to change the amount of movement. Use the Z Up button to move the Z platform closer to the nozzle. When it gets close, switch to “0.1mm” movements. You want to nozzle close enough to the print bed that there is drag on a piece of paper.
      4. Go back to the main menu, and click on System
      5. Click on “Info”
      6. In Info, there is a Z measurement. Write the value down.
      7. Go to the Z-Adjust screen. Subtract the value you wrote down from the current Z-adjust, and enter the new number. (I.E. If your Z-adjust was 1.000 and your Z-height at the proper nozzle height is -0.5, you would take 1.00-(-0.5) or 1.50)
  3. Looking at your Youtube video of the print head digging into the bed, can you share what the TronXY support helped you with with regard to the adjustment of the z-axis/offsets?

    1. Umn, TronXY support never got back to me. Which is unfortunate, but I figured it out on my own! It’s easier to figure out the Z-offset using g-code since the firmware doesn’t offer a z-offset wizard. My top wish for the firmware is live Z-offset tuning, I’m going to ask Chitu if they can implement it.

      1. You comment to the previous commenter helped immensely, thank you!

        What type of Gcode did you set Cura to produce?

          1. Here’s my Cura start code:
            G0 Z10 ;
            G92 E0 ;
            G2 E-10 ; Retract filament 10mm
            G92 E0 ;
            G28 ;Home
            G29 ;Autolevel
            G0 Y50 Z0.2 X50
            G92 E0
            G0 X200 E15
            G92 E0
            G0 X300 Z0.1

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