I’m Scott Roberts. I’m an eight grade science teacher at Canyon Middle School in Castro Valley. I love technology and using it to enhance the learning of my students. I received my teaching credentials from California State University – East Bay. I’m also working on my masters in educational technology leadership at CSU-East Bay.

This e-Portfolio is organized in a chronological fashion. Enjoy viewing some of my favorite creations. In order to view everything, you’ll need a pdf viewer and a flash player.

If you need to contact me, please me @ scott@mrrobertsscience.com. This web page was last updated on 3/12/2018

Educational Technology Vision Statement

I believe that educational technology has the opportunity to enrich the education of every student, regardless of race, gender or background. Engaging digital technology can help reach students who seem unengaged in normal course work.


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Course Work

During the course of my Masters in Educational Technology Leadership, I took these courses.

Dept Course # Course Title
EDUI 6110 Web as Interactive Ed tool
EDUI 6200 Dev. Theories & Ed Multimedia
EDUI 6240 Curriculum and Instruction of Math, Science & Tech
EDUI 6350 Language, Social Studies & Technology
EDUI 6500 Research in Education Technology
EDUI 6600 Educational Interface Design
EDUI 6899 Project
EDUI 6005 Digital Graphics
EDUI 6210 Principle of Instructional Design

Sample Projects