Webquest April 18, 2018

By now, you have already learned a little about the phases of the moon. Using the links page on your computer, answer the following questions to learn more about these phases!

Link 1:  http://www.astrosociety.org/education/publications/tnl/12/12.html

You will have to scroll about halfway down the page to see the answers

  • How does the moon shine? (Scroll down to the Phases of the Moon section)


Scroll on down the page to find to find the names of the eight phases of the moon and finish your lunar phase diagram on Pg 65 Right. Make sure you write down the phases of the moon.


  • What is meant by the term “Blue Moon”?    Google it! ______________________________________

Link 2: http://starchild.gsfc.nasa.gov/docs/StarChild/solar_system_level2/moonlight.html

  • How many days are there in the cycle of the moon phases? ______________________________________
  • During the First Quarter phase, how much of the moon appears illuminated? ________________________
  • During the Waxing Gibbous phase, is the amount of illumination increasing or decreasing? _____________
  • During the Waning Crescent phase, is the amount of illumination increasing or decreasing? ____________

Link 3: http://timbeauchamp.tripod.com/moon/mooninfo.htm (Read the Questions & Answers)


  • Is the phase of the moon different at different places on the earth? Why or why not?_____________________________________________________________________
  • When does the full moon rise into the sky?_____________________________________________________________________
  • When does the new moon rise?

Link 4https://www.moongiant.com/calendar/

This neat site will allow you to see the moon phases for this month and any other month, too! 

Change the month and year to the date of your next birthday and it will change so that you can see the phases of the moon for that month! Hover the mouse over the date and the name of the phase will pop up.

  • What phase of the moon is on your birthday this year? __________________________________________
  • Change the year, what was the phase of the moon on the day you were born? _______________________. Draw the moon on the day you were born à

Link 5: https://moon.nasa.gov/about/misconceptions/

  • On the same day, would people in China see the same phase of the moon that we would?
  • There technically is not a “dark side of the moon” because all parts of the moon face the sun at some time. What would be a better term for the part of the moon we cannot see?


  • What are the only phases of the moon that cannot be seen during the day? ______________________________________


Link 6: http://sunshine.chpc.utah.edu/Labs/LunarPhases/lunar_phases_main.html

Complete the activities in Parts 1-3. After activity 2, take the quiz and show your results to your teacher J


Link 7: https://moon.nasa.gov/about/pop-culture/


  • How many American flags are planted on the moon? ______________________________________


Link 8: https://moon.nasa.gov/about/who-has-been-to-the-moon/


  • How many people have been to the moon?

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