Web Wednesday March 7, 2018


  • Read the links and watch the videos below.
  • In your Science Notebook:
    • On pg 63 left – Write down notes
    • On pg 63 right – Use your notes to answer the questions listed below. You do not need to write the questions down but you should answer in complete sentences so you can understand your answers later.



Digital and Analog Signals



  1. What is the difference between an Analog (sometimes spelled analogue) and a Digital Signal?  
  2. What is the difference between discrete and continuous data?
  3. Between Analog and Digital, which uses discrete data and which uses continuous data?
  4. What are some problems with sending analog signals?
  5. What are some benefits to sending digital signals?
  6. Which is a more reliable means of transmitting information, digital or analog? 
  7. Could there be any disadvantages to using a digital signal? Explain.

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